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"This was a world of fantasy, ravishing sounds and a flexibility of rhythm that is instinctive"

Christopher Axworthy
Artistic Director of the Keyboard Trust London

Hao Zi Yoh 027.jpg

"A playing of great elegance and singing qualities"

"Un jeu d'une grande élégance et très chantant"


Hao Zi Yoh Malaysian Concert Pianist

The Polyglot Pianist

"Her bristling – one might almost say bursting – rhythms had their own illuminating electricity."

Seen-and-Heard International

Hao Zi Yoh Malaysian Concert pianist

"Imitation is as far removed from her art as it could be. She speaks at least four musical languages with the voices of natives – Baroque, Spanish, French and (her native) Malaysian. Let me take you through this polyglot pianist’s programme in the order in which we heard it. Hao Zi Yoh, I should add, is a slight figure but one who can also make the biggest sound ever to come out of a Steinway grand."

"Her bristling – one might almost say bursting – rhythms in Albéniz’s Iberia (Almería) had their own illuminating electricity."  - Jack Buckley (May 2019)

"And it was this very rare talent that allowed her to shape the four Klavierstucke op 119 by Brahms with such sumptuous sound. Ranging from the most delicate to the most robust but never loosing that radiance and feeling that the roots are very firmly placed in the bass."  - Christopher Axworthy (February 2020)

"Throwing herself into the fray this waif like young musician was able to produce some fierce and arresting sounds with all the rhythmic energy that Prokofiev demands.
The relentless momentum of the last movement was received with cheers from an audience that had been seduced by the energy and technical command of Hao Zi Yoh." - Christopher Axworthy (January 2019)

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